Friday, 10 May 2013

A Thank You Note.....

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough 
 – Meister Eckhart

Within this short span of my journey as a food blogger, I had enriching learning and sharing experiences and have also connected with very talented food bloggers...

During couple of months I got few tokens of appreciation from my fellow bloggers which really inspire me to deliver something good every time (I hope I didJ)

Today, I want to thank all my dear bloggers who appreciated and nominated my blog space...
  • Gayathri @ gajus kitchen who nominated my blog for “Very Inspiring blog”. She has wonderful blog with variety of wonderful recipes...

Bloggers who nominated me for “Liebster Award”

  • Priya @ yummy food, she posts lots of traditional and delicious south Indian recipe, check them out...
  • Megha @Good eats to style. as her blog name describes it all,  really nice blend of recipes with helpful information about food and fitness.
  • Reni @Renis cooking. She is really creative person, creates real magic in food and craft. Explore her craft page also.
  • Sajina @ Sajus Tastes. Hop on to her place with amazing recipes. I like her innovative creation with simple food items.


  1. Congrats Preeti.. More to go..

  2. congratulation preeti.....wish you many more!!!

  3. Congrats Preeti.. Wish you much more success ahead :-)

  4. Congrats on the awards Preeti. You totally deserve it :)

    On another note, the round up of Colour Me Green has been posted. I'm sorry about the delay and Thank you so much for being a part of April's Challenge. Do come back for May's Challenge :)

  5. Congrats's well deserved :)Thanks for those kind words about my blog...Happy Blogging !

  6. congrats Preeti..Happy weekend..

  7. Congratulations Preeti!! Well deserved...